Goodbye 2012

It is the day before New Years Eve. The very end of 2012 is upon us and the new year that those who misread and misunderstood the Mayan calendar never expected to come is nearly here. To be perfectly honest, I super ready for this year to be over. 

2012 has been a mixed bag for me. I ended my Junior year at Trinity University and kicked off my Senior year at American University in Washington DC. I was President of my fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, which was both a blessing and a disaster. I sat through a beautiful graduation and a more beautiful wedding of my best friend. I had the worst job of my life as well as the best. I had many successes and many failures. I met some of the most wonderful people and had some of the best conversations with new best friends and had some of the worst fights with those who had been in my life for a long time. I developed new relationships and some others ended.

Like any year, this one was mixed. 

As I enter this new year, I will be graduating from college and hopefully starting my career as a journalist. Who knows where I will be in six months or what I will be doing, but I am ready to get out there and start doing it.

This year was hard. It was trying. Sometimes it absolutely kicked the crap out of me (and yes I did actually have the crap kicked out of me literally this past year). But somehow, this year found a way to improve me as well. I am more confident and prepared to enter the real world than I ever was. I am also free from obligation to stay in any individual city. I can go wherever I want and do whatever I want and that is an amazing feeling.

So see ya later 2012. I am happy to see you go because I could not be more excited to start 2013 and see where my life is really going to end up. 


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The Bomb Plant–The 3 AM Nightmare

While working as an intern for the Public Education Center, I created this mini documentary. It is posted on Check out their website because it has fantastic investigative pieces.

Here is the link to their website with my story

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Profile Writing

I have learned while being here in DC that I do not enjoy the fluffy work that goes along with profile writing. But I am willing to do it when my grade depends on it. Here is a profile I wrote this semester


Securing Kris Coleman


Late into the evening on a chilly Washington, D.C. night, Kris Coleman, a tall man with a short, scruffy beard, polished brown, kept hair, and jovial brown eyes, enjoys his evening at home. His quiet evening is interrupted when he hears his phone ring and sees the area code for a California number; a potential client is calling, asking for him to come offer his expertise. In his deep, calm tone Coleman agrees to fly out that very night to meet with a potential client. At 10 pm he hops on a flight, instructing his employees of his absence, leaving to help another company with their security issues.

“The breadth of clients that I have worked to protect is the most interesting thing about my job,” says Coleman, Founder, President, and CEO of Red Five Security. “I have worked security for head of state protection operations down to working with CEOs of Fortune 50 companies. I have also worked with protecting defectors who have come to the United States.”

Coleman has more than twenty years experience in the security field. He has worked in both the public and private sectors, serving with the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and private sector consulting with Red Five Security for the past seven years. He has consulted on the pre-construction security for such diverse projects as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Guggenheim, and Sheik Zayed National Museums on Saadiyat Island in the United Arab Emirates. During his years with the CIA he conducted threat and vulnerability assessments as well as developing programmatic approaches to counterterrorism and law enforcement for such countries as Italy, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, and Jordan.

Coleman fell in love with security because the diversity the field offered. “ I got to work with FBI Directors, CIA directors,” says Coleman in a tone that seems almost reminiscent. This security veteran whose love of adventure took him all over the world adds, “Working security means everything from standing post to riding mountain bikes with the Queen of Jordan. It is crazy, it is such a wide swath of activities.”

Though Coleman enjoyed working for the CIA and FBI for fourteen years, he moved into the private sector and started Red Five Security in Washington, D.C. “I left government and went to work with a high network client in the Midwest and they asked me to come in and redo their security aspect,” Coleman explains.  “I really enjoyed the broad nature of working for specific clients with a lot of different moving parts. I decided to turn it in to a business venture and that is how I started Red Five Security.”

A distinctive portion of Red Five Security includes the complete assessment, design development, and installation of security programs for high net worth clients. Projects have included 35,000+ square foot residences in Washington D.C. and Florida, and comprise Threat and Vulnerability Assessments, design and installation of security systems, deployment of guard services, and establishment of ongoing policies and procedures. All the security systems used by Red Five Security and Coleman include cutting-edge technologies, tested techniques, and current best practices to endure a holistic, balanced, and effective approach.

Born in Arkansas, Coleman got involved in security during his time at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Though his Bachelor’s degree was in Public Administration, Coleman started his career in security while still in school. “I did a program with the CIA; did two semesters with them before graduating and getting my first job with them.” Coleman loved the global mission focus that the CIA offered. “I was always interested in international terrorists,” Coleman admits. “Security was just so appealing to me.”

During his time at the CIA, Coleman began to receive more and more responsibility. “I was hired to become an operational support person. We did finance. We did security. We did training. We did personnel. We did everything. At the same time we were also asked to do operational stuff. It was unusual to do all the administrative and all the operations. They made an internal change in their organization so we had to pick something to focus on. I had just finished a tour in Norway and I had worked on the Olympics so when I needed to pick a focus security was the thing that interested me the most.”

As Coleman gained more and more experience in the public security sector, his work continued to surprise and entertain him. “My just got better because I was given broader access to all the issues around the world. But I was working through a certain career path in the agency and had the opportunity to become a special agent. It seemed like the natural transition to go into law enforcement. I was interested in organized crime and terrorism and becoming a federal agent allowed me to work in those areas.”

Ending his ten-year time with the CIA, Coleman joined the FBI. During his four years as a Special Agent, Coleman focused on criminal investigation of International Organized Crime and International Terrorism. He was a member of the FBI’s enhanced SWAT team and still is an FBI-certified instructor in firearms, protection, surveillance, and counter-surveillance. Coleman was involved in many national special security events during his time with the FBI, providing assessments and managing protective operations during Olympic Games in the US and overseas.

All of this expertise made Coleman the perfect candidate to move into the private sector and consult on security operations. In 2004, Coleman became the Director of Protective Operations for Limited Brands. He got the opportunity to re-engineer the Office of Protective Operations and directed global operations for the CEO and his family. With this first taste of private sector security consulting, Coleman was hooked.

His next client was Accelligence Group where he supported law enforcement and intelligence training. Finally he consulted for Good Harbor Consulting where he was responsible for executive protection and corporate security. It was at this point that Coleman realized the potential of this industry he had stumbled in to and he founded Red Five Security.

Red Five Security is a small business solving security challenges with creative and cost-effective solutions. The employees have extensive experience in security operations and intelligence, security design and engineering, threat and vulnerability assessments, investigations, and have trained corporate and government security professionals around the globe. The team includes experts from the U.S. Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Departments of State, Defense and Energy as well as accredited security design specialists. “Our combined experience gives us a deep understanding of today’s threats and the countermeasures required to defend against them and we understand the importance of best security practices in support of business enterprises and corporate strategic goals,” according to their website.

“Kris is a good boss. He won’t let you sit at a computer for an entire day, he wants you to get up and do things,” chides Haley Spence, 21, an intern for Red Five Security. “He actually cares about people and makes sure you are on track all the time.” It is comforting to know that Coleman, a man with so much experience and expertise, is keeping the private sector safe.






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Rape, It is in Our Culture

I haven’t updated in a very long time. I moved to Washington DC to work as a Journalist and it has eaten my life. But here is a piece I wrote for my classes.  

Rape: It is in our Culture

 Ann, 21, sits stiffly in her chair, her shoulders hunched and her brown, choppy hair falling into her face. As she wipes away her hair and hopelessly tries to tuck it behind her ear again and again, she tells her story. “My rapist has no idea that he is a rapist,” Ann exhales solemnly.

When Ann was a freshman in college, she attended a school sponsored Homecoming dance and during the evening was separated from her friends. “I didn’t know anyone there but I did recognize this one guy from a class I was taking, so I clung to him that night. Everyone was drinking but I didn’t drink without my parents so I wasn’t partaking. The guy I clung to offered to get me some water because it was really hot in the convention center we were at. I accepted because, hey, it is water. What is the worst that could happen?”

Ann begins to pick at her fingernails as she deftly continues to tell her story as though breaking her concentration would cause her to become lost in the story forever. “I don’t remember much after that,” Ann continues more quietly. “I remember getting on the bus to go home and I remember being alone on the bus, but I don’t remember getting to campus. All I know is I woke up in the bed of the guy I had been hanging out with the night before and all he said to me was ‘I hope you are on birth control’”.

Ann is a victim of sexual assault, something that 1 in 6 women fall victim to according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN). She knew her attacker but had her senses dulled by a drug she believes was placed in her water cup. “I was so ashamed by what had happened I never did anything about it. I felt like it was my fault. Like I should have been able to prevent it from happening. I mean, I had a boyfriend at the time. At first it felt like I cheated on him and it made me physically ill to think about what had happened. To this day I play it over in my head wandering what I did to deserve what happened to me.”

This attitude that Ann has towards her attack, her attacker, and herself can all be attributed to the rape culture that is perpetuated in our society; instead of blaming the attacker for sexual assault, society finds ways to blame the victim for the way they dressed, the way the behaved, the amount that they drank, how little or much they fought, as well as a host of other excuses. This causes victims to feel shame towards what happened to them, which in many cases can lead them to not report the incident to authorities for fear of being judged. Organizations like the DC Rape Crisis Center, Men Can Stop Rape, and even Sexual Assault Prevention on the American University campus work to combat these issues through education.

Danielle Simms tries to bring awareness to this issue of rape culture and blaming the victim by organizing the DC Slutwalk. The women and men who participate in the Slutwalk are demanding the DC public to pay attention to how their actions are perpetuating a culture that sees rape as acceptable and gives power to the aggressors and none to the victims. The Slutwalk website says, “Our demands are simple. People have a right to control their own bodies and to have sexual liberation. However, no one asks to be raped. We oppose all of efforts of people to belittle or make jokes about rape and sexual assault as these just maintain a culture where sexism is accepted and victims are to blame.” The Slutwalk attempts to put power back in the hands of the victims of sexual assault. The participants dress provocatively often holding signs that say things like, “Is it ok to rape me now?” or “My short skirt is not an invitation to rape me”. Many of the women who participate in the walk and mocked for their outfits or are even shamed for revealing their stories and experiences, bringing to light the exact same culture they are trying to expel.

Due to the current culture of blaming victims for the crimes committed against them, many rape cases are not reported. According to the Center for Disease Control’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence survey, in 2010, 18.3% of women were raped. This is a staggering 21,840,000 women who reported rape cases to the authorities. The RAINN however report that 54% of victims do not report the crimes committed against them to the police. According to RAINN, 97% of rapists never spent a single day in jail for their crimes.

Daniel Rappaport, the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordination at American University, blames this statistic on our rape culture. “I think just the stigma around coming forward, I think the stigma around what is sexual assault, how we treat those survivors, and just how we treat the perpetrators like how there is power to the perpetrator and no power to the survivor definitely effects these feelings and the ways a survivor handles the situation.” Rappaport continues saying, “The judicial system is often not very favorable for survivors.”

If there is ever any doubt that rape culture is prevalent, one only needs to look at the Facebook page for the DC Slutwalk and scroll through the comments on the pictures. Even in trying to stand up for an end to slut shaming and rape culture, many pictures contain comments that continue to blame the victims for their actions, claiming that something they did caused their sexual assault. One commenter blamed a woman, who admitted to drinking alcohol on the night of her attack, of being a “drunk slut” who simply “regretted having sex with a guy in a stairwell”. “I didn’t ask to be raped,” Ann says. “I never consented. I don’t care how nice I was or how long I talked to you, unless the word ‘yes’ comes out of my mouth it is not consent and it is rape.”

Rappaport is trying to change rape culture at American University. “Blaming the victim is an innate part of humanity. Before we can even understand these things we are taught as children that women are expected to do A and men are expected to do B. This is an extraordinarily dangerous expectation that lead to a power dynamic that leaves men with lots of power and women with not a lot of power.” Rappaport added that, “It is difficult to unlearn if everyone around you is perpetuating that environment. Changing a culture is so incredibly difficult. Before students even get here they have 18 years of culture to unlearn” He believes answer to the problem is education. Many people don’t know what sexual assault is so “A rapist thinks that everyone else is doing what they are doing. Most people who are rapists do not think they are rapists they think I am a man and this is what men do.” By teaching people what sexual assault is it becomes less confusing for survivors to identify what has happened to them and it makes people more aware of when something wrong is happening.

Men Can Stop Rape is an organization with a similar education goal to Rappaport’s. Their mission is, “To mobilize men to use their strength for creating cultures free from violence, especially men’s violence against women”. They try to teach men healthier examples of masculinity and expression through education and positive role models. Organizations that focus on education for men as opposed to women are still uncommon but Rappaport thinks that simply focusing on teaching women to be more cautious won’t solve any problems. “Prevention is not teaching women how to be safe. It is not stopping anything. It is like throwing people in to a shark tank and saying don’t swim towards the middle instead of saying maybe we should get that shark out of the tank. Why teach women different ways of swimming when you should be focusing on the predators?”

According to a survey completed by The Daily Beast American University is ranked number 146 in most dangerous campuses out of 458 campuses but yet Rappaport said only one case of rape was reported to campus police last year. However, Rappaport does not think this represents the true extent of the sexual assault issue even on this small campus. “The numbers will never reflect the problem,” he said. 

Many DC Universities like American University just launched a new app called U ASK, which provides sexual assault information to victims and their friends. “It is a one-stop shop for all the information you could possibly need after experiencing a sexual assault from numbers for the Rape Crisis Center to police information and beyond,” says Rappaport. The Universities hope that this will help survivors feel more comfortable coming forward and seeking help after their attacks since all the information is conveniently located on their mobile phones.

Rappaport urges people to not just be aware of the fact that sexual assault happens but to actually get involved with the solution. “Don’t rape people. What a low bar to set for people. Lots of men think they don’t need to get involved because ‘I don’t rape people’. Well good for you. Thank you so much. It is not enough to just not be involved in the problem. Bring awareness and help stop sexual assault. Be a part of the solution.”



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I Prefer an Introduction Before you Attempt to Eat my Face (unlike others)

Kissing is one of those things that needs to be timed well. In fact, with a kiss, it is much less about the quality of the kiss than it is about the moment the kiss actually happens. I don’t really care if it is the best kiss of my entire life, if you kiss me after hitting my best friend with a car or puking on my shoes, you are going to get pummeled. Ok, yes, that is a very strong example but timing is important.

Let’s say you are a handsome young man and go on a date with a lovely lady. You both have a lovely time getting to know each other. You, of course, pay for dinner. You open all of her doors, even the car door. You walk her up to the front porch and tell her how much you enjoyed spending time together and promise to call. Now, let’s say you don’t kiss her. Being female, I know that she is going to go sit in her room and wonder if you like her because she had a great time and thought you did too but you didn’t kiss her.

Now, let’s say you actually do call her for a second date. This time you go on a super romantic boat ride with a candlelit picnic just for the two of you which ends in fireworks. You both have a great time and you are the perfect gentlemen, opening all of her doors and taking her home at the end of the night. You get to the front porch and instead of a kiss give her a brief hug. You might be doing all of these things to be a gentleman. But do you know what she is thinking? Friend zone. Or gay. Most likely both. You can’t wait too long or you never ever get there. Doesn’t matter how many dates you go on. You blew it buddy because you couldn’t pull it together.

Now, we look at the opposite. You pick up your girl for a first date and have a wonderful evening planned ahead of you. But as a greeting you grab the back of her head and give her a deep lingering kiss to start off the evening. While some women might be ok with this, most will decide you are a creep trying to get in their pants and the chastity belt has been locked down for eternity. Timing matters.

That is why when people break the kiss/time barrier it blows my mind. Now, as we get older that barrier gets smaller but it never really goes away. Think back to your first relationship. Most likely you did not kiss that person on the first “date” you went on. It was your first kiss and you probably took your time getting to that point. But from each relationship from then on out the kiss/time barrier got smaller but it did not go away. I at least want some sort of introduction and conversation before someone attempts to eat my face. It just seems like common courtesy.

That makes the abilities of my former roommate all the more surprising. This girl did not even know what the kiss/time barrier was. For her, it simply did not exist. She didn’t need a name. She didn’t even need time to break the ice. He would be in the same location as she was and she would set her mind to it and by golly they would be making out seconds later.

Don’t believe me? My freshman year I was feeling super nice and drove everyone on Halloween. I played momma bird taking care of everyone and making sure they all got home safe and sound. Now, being surrounded by that many drunk people and having the responsibility of taking care of so many was exhausting and I did it for two nights in a row. The second night, I was ready to call it at about 2:30 am. I rounded up everyone I had driven and was herding them like a group of drunken cats towards the car. I was only missing one, my roommmate. So I reentered the frat house fray to track her down and found her making out with some guy in the corner. I pulled her away, gave the guy her number, and told him to call her tomorrow cause she had to leave (He did call. I rock as a wingwoman). Dragging her behind me and weaving through the crowd I almost made it to the door before I lost her hand. I assumed she was still following me but when I reached the doorway, she was not behind me. Once again, I enter the crowd to find her making out with SOMEONE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Now, I ask you, how the hell is this possible? “Hi.” “Hey.” *attack each others face with your tongue*

Is this real life? Does this sort of thing actually happen?

The answer is yes. Not to me though. But to my roommate. I must say that her powers became kind of legendary to me and yet incredibly frightening. I believe in the kiss/time barrier and I do not think it needs to be shattered. But I suppose my way is not the only way.

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Beware of the flying squirrel

I am honestly shocked that I haven’t written about this yet. My experience with the flying squirrel might be one of the strangest things I have seen on my college campus and yet I have saved the story up until this moment.

To preface: I don’t know the identity of the flying squirrel. However, if anyone from my college witnessed this too and knows who it is, I really would like to meet this individual. Also, I know for certain that everyone survived this incident so don’t worry.

On to the good stuff…

My freshman year I lived in a typical dorm building in a typical quad configuration. The front of my dorm faced the back of another dorm with a lawn separating the two. Now, each dorm at my school has a balcony attached (yeah we are super lucky) so it is a popular place to hang out when the weather is nice.

One evening I was walking from my dorm to get a late night snack from the cafeteria when the loud outbursts of drunken college students caught my attention. Without really slowing my pace I notice three boys up on their third floor balcony, clearly inebriated. Now this really isn’t anything new. College is a combination of procrastination, stress, poor judgement, and booze which usually leads to the poor judgement. You can quote me on that one.

Yet for some reason this rag-tag drunken group kept my attention. One of the boys stumbled and pulled himself up on the railing of the balcony and turned to his buddies saying, “Hey…man…I betchu I can jump frugh heeeeere to that…tree over theeeeeere…”

Well things just got interesting.

Now a good friend would have said something to effect of, “Dude, you are drunk and stupid. Get off the damn ledge.” But being equally inebriated as their counterpart and I am assuming just as stupid, the two other guys said, “Yeah man do it!” We can now see where this story is headed.

The first boy pulls himself over the railing and braces himself to jump. As he hurdled his drunken body towards the tree that was probably just far enough away that a sober individual would have difficulty reaching it he exclaimed, “I AM A FLYING SQUIRREL!!!”

And boy did that drunken ass fly. He flew far enough that he almost made it to the tree. Close enough to get his arms around it but not close enough to hold one which resulted in him sliding down the trunk of the tree. Ouch. If only you were indeed a flying squirrel poor scraped up boy.

Later, in the school paper, there was a police ticker printed. In one entry it stated that officers were dispatched to Witt Hall with reports of a student on the roof. When they arrived they were unable to find a student on the roof.

In a following entry printed in the same paper officers were leaving the scene at Witt Hall only to find a student lying prostrate on the ground.

Now, following good journalistic standards the student paper did not connect these two police blurbs but let’s be serious, it was definitely the same student.

I don’t know what about alcohol and heights make people want to leap off of things. I clearly do not have this urge or I might be capable of understanding it. But to this day that boy is Flying Squirrel Boy to me and always will be. I hope he learned a little lesson but saying campus police haven’t reported about too many more ill-fated leaper stories, I would say he learned something.

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Stuff that Annoys me

This is a combination of four different rants that I have had at various times. These things annoy me and sometimes disturb me. Enjoy.


There are a lot of foods out there and some are more appetizing than others but I can think of nothing less appetizing than a steaming bowl of oat paste, better known as oatmeal. The consistency is somewhere between slime, gum paste, and cement. The color is grey and I believe is about as close as you can get to the color of zombie skin. However, even though regular oatmeal is terrible, nothing is worse than its evil twin, the instant oatmeal. There really is something wrong with food that you add water to and slowly, over time, the water in the bowl turns in to some sort of paste. Even after the oatmeal has formed, sometimes there is leftover water. But as you eat the bowl of sludge, you slowly come to realize that the oatmeal is drinking the water. Yes, I firmly believe that the oatmeal is alive. It is plotting its word domination, tempting us with its apparent innocence. It sits there, slimy, grey, and congealing waiting to get the next unsuspecting soul with its oat filled evil grasp. Beware this breakfast food of death.

Men who won’t make a move

This is a public service message directed to all boys who want to get a girlfriend. The best way to do it is to refuse to make a move at all. Trust me, on behalf of all womankind, we appreciate your brand of manliness so much. Men, take note. Women love it when you act as if you like us but then do nothing about it. It’s a serious turn on. Plus, one of my favorite things in the whole wide world is playing this “he said, she said” game. Not knowing what your real feelings and intentions are is fan-freaking-tastic. Please, for the love of God, don’t actually tell me what you are thinking. This is so much more fun. When we talk and text, only do it often enough to make it seem like you are still interested, but not interested enough to have the conversations amount to anything. I love having to text you first, wait three hours for you to text back, receive one word answers, and then continue on with my day. Pair that behavior with long, deep conversations at a different date. This dichotomy between your conversation style is confusing and electrifying. The chemistry of our relationship (is it a relationship? will it be a relationship?) is so much sweeter with this added level. Also, do not for any reason touch me. When a woman likes a man, they do not want to come into any physical contact with them. Trust me on this. So even though your hand is about a few inches from mine and it would only burn like .5 calories for you to reach over and grab mine, forget it. I much prefer to sit there and wonder if you ever will. The icing on the cake is, of course, when you hug me for too long and then pull away to look into my eyes, but then, don’t kiss me. I much prefer to mumble some words about how I have to go and awkwardly walk away alone. It’s my favorite. Trust me. So boys, keep these tips in mind and I’m sure that you will get yourself a girlfriend asap. Girls love having to make the first move, as well as every move after that.

Blue Foods

I would like everyone to quickly ponder all of the foods on this earth that are blue. Not purple like a blueberry, a blackberry, a plum, or an eggplant but actually blue. Come up with any? Yeah, me neither. Be it a creepy bright blue candy, jello, or a slushy, all blue foods are unnatural and dare I say, unnecessary. These foods stain your tongue and are chock full of so much food dye that I doubt my body is even capable of digesting them because of the amount of preservatives shoved into them. The worst of all of these blue foods is most definitely the blue coconut slushy. Have you ever seen a blue coconut? The last time I checked, coconuts are brown and hairy on the outside and when you crack them open they are white and milky on the inside (and yes, I realized that this statement could qualify as a “that’s what she said” moment). Unless I have missed the magical island where all food grows bright blue and the mysterious blue coconut trees grow, I am confused as to why blue coconut even came about in the first place. Coconut is a delicious flavor. Who decided to taint the natural goodness of this fruit by saying, “Hey! I want my tongue to be blue for hours after I eat this and my teeth to become a bluish grey color so everyone thinks I never brush them! Lets add blue food coloring in to this fruit”?

Stupid Law Commercials

Have you ever seen those commercials about recalled drugs made by law companies to allow paranoid people to pay them a lot of money to sue people who may not totally deserve it? I’m talking about those commercials that begin with something along the lines of if you or a loved one suffered from death, heart attack, or stroke while taking some drug please call our law office now. Not only are these commercials annoying and unnecessary they are also poorly written. Think about it. Suffer from death, heart attack, or stroke. Now, I don’t know about you but heart attacks sound like suffering. Heart stopping, pain, and people pounding on your chest or shocking you with high levels of electricity. That sounds like a lot of suffering. Strokes also sound like suffering. Hemorrhage or blockage and loss of brain function that can lead to impaired speech. That sounds like suffering as well. But death? Death seems to be the end of suffering to me. I mean, you’re dead. At that point, everything is kind of said and done. No pain. No blood loss. No hospitals. That sounds like the end of suffering to me. Thus, I deem the wording of these commercials to be ill-conceived and stupid.


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